Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 MSVU Business & Tourism Conference

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The Business & Tourism department at MSVU is a community of people, experiences, opinions and voices. Our blog will reflect that community with the inclusion of guest bloggers who have stories to share of value to our community.

Today's blogger is Rebecca Skinner, a third year marketing student and Vice President of Marketing with the MSVU Business & Tourism Society.

We all see “Be Part of Something BIG” around campus and online, but what does it truly mean?
For me, a third year Marketing student, it means that I don’t have to wait for graduation to make a difference – or to start my professional life. I’ve grown more and more thankful to be attending a university that opens so many opportunities to my generation. Whatever I want to do – wherever I want to go – I know that everyone at the Mount is here to see me succeed.
This past Thursday, October 18th, the Business & Tourism Department, in conjunction with the Business & Tourism Society, hosted the 38th Annual Learners & Leader’s: Igniting Success Business & Tourism Conference. With a full day of guest speakers, informative panels, and networking opportunities, the event sold out within a few short weeks of ticket availability.
To me, this event reinforced the belief that faculty and staff at the Mount want their students to succeed. The department wasn’t forced by the university to host the conference; it was done solely for us – the students and future generation.
I had the opportunity to speak with Ross Simmonds, Digital Marketing Specialist at Colour Creative, who expressed how great of a chance the conference presents to students. He summarized his thoughts by saying, “…if the students here today are any indication, its inspiring to see how bright the future of Nova Scotia is!”
If someone were to ask me what one thing I took from this year’s conference, I would have difficulty trimming it down to a single point. During the Human Resource panels, I learned various ways to gain experience in my field while still in school, and the day’s speakers motivated me to begin the necessary steps to take control of my future.
If there was one single concept that stuck the most with me, and that I would like to amplify to anyone reading this, it would be to follow your passion. Christopher Webb, co-owner of Pavia Gallery and morning keynote speaker, followed his passion, Ross Simmonds, Digital Marketing Specialist and morning keynote presenter, expressed his passion through social media, and employers want to see your passion when they are hiring you.
Your passion keeps you motivated, it tells people who you are and what you stand for, and it is the driving force that has inspired and encouraged me to propel myself into my future career.
Why wait?



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