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MSVU Develops New Links in China

Guest Post: MSVU Develops New Links in China

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MSVU Develops New Links in China

If the Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU)were a city in Nova Scotia it would be the province’s second largest afterHalifax. 

Over 40,000 students live on the university’s beautifulcampus in Fuzhou on the south east coast of China. Students entering FAFU’sOverseas Education College choose their program knowing they will spend twoyears studying in China and finish their degree with two years at a partnerinstitution overseas.
For the last five years students from FAFU have formed thelargest international student group a
t the Nova Scotia Agricultural College(NSAC) as part of a 2+2 agreement between the two institutions. In the fall of2011 MSVU welcomed its first students from FAFU. Our relationship is set toexpand with the signature of a 2+2 agreement with FAFU that will initiallycover our BBA, BTHM and BSc (AHN) degrees.

As part of this agreement MSVU has also agreed to exchangesof faculty with FAFU and the development of bilingual (English-Chinese) coursesthat will be part of the curriculum at FAFU. The first bilingual course will bean introductory marketing course developed by Prof. Michael Whalen of MSVU andProfs. Junling He and Wei Dong from FAFU. The course will be taught for thefirst time in April of this year and other courses will follow as therelationship develops between the universities. 

Plans are also underway to develop a summer program for MSVUstudents that will introduce them to Chinese history, language and culture andgive them the opportunity to teach English on the FAFU campus. This would be awonderful opportunity for students to gain valuable experience in the world’sfastest growing economy.  

The Mount looks forward to welcoming more students from FAFUin 2012 as well as visits from the faculty and staff of our new partner.       

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