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Guest Post: The Value of Caritas Day

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Today's guest blogger is Jessica Skinner, a 2nd year BBA student. Jessica currently is the Co-President of the Business & Tourism Society at MSVU. They are planning a series of upcoming events this spring; you can follow all of their news on Twitter at @MSVUBTSociety.

Caritas Day - Being Part of Something Big

When Mount students hear “Caritas Day” most think of the free day off, or the annual ski trip associated with the day. This was not the case for me, or the almost 200 students and faculty members that spent their day volunteering and giving back to the community.

Wednesday morning, I arrived at Vinnie’s bright and early, my head still in a bit of a fog due to the early hour. However, as I walked in, I was immediately taken aback by the amount of students that had come to participate! When I was greeted with fresh fruit, croissants, muffins and delicious warm coffee, I knew right away that the day would be memorable.

This is my second year participating in the Caritas Day activities put on by the MSVU Business & Tourism Department - it certainly will not be my last. Caritas Day is a day for Mount students to give back to the community, as per Mount tradition, and to reflect on our own personal lives while doing so.

After enjoying breakfast and engaging in lighthearted chatter, I was excited to see what we would be doing. Everyone broke into groups and either participated in a food drive, workshop, or working with the Sisters of Charity to make meals for a local homeless shelter. I knew that I wanted to go door-to-door for the food drive and was happy when I was picked to go. After we were given maps and assigned team leaders, we were off!

Going door-to-door is a very humbling experience. Going out into the community and talking with residents as well as collecting items for our on campus food bank was so much fun. The compassion and generosity was contagious and my spirits were lifted as our bags became filled. New friends were made and eyes were opened, especially when I realized that a lot of the people we were speaking with were probably in just as much need as those we were collecting for. The warm smiles that greeted us made me feel so proud of my school as well as my community.

When I arrived back at Vinnie’s, my heart filled with even more pride when I saw how much food we collected for our students in need. I was so proud of my fellow students as well as the university I attend. We are given such an amazing learning opportunity at the Mount and should cherish it.

I feel incredibly blessed to live where I do, and to have everything available to me when I need it. From day to day, we seem to forget that there are people in our classes, our schools, and communities that need help.

I wish that Caritas Day were more than just one day a year. I wish that more students took the time to volunteer and to appreciate what they have, as well as to contribute to a greater cause of giving back. I vaguely remember this feeling from last year, and wish that I had held on to it longer. I resolve that this year, I will do more. I will volunteer more, and I will reflect more often. I won’t take anything that I have for granted and I will give back to my community. 

As a Mount student and a Caritas Day volunteer, I truly am becoming part of something BIG!

Submitted by Jessica Skinner
BBA Co-op

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  1. That was really generous of them to help the community during the holiday. Good job to all the teachers and students involved!